Aegis Configurator & USB Hubs


10-port USB Hub for devices mass configuration, compatible with Windows 7 and above, intuitive user interface, Master Profiles creation, settings customization and data preload.

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Apricorn’s Aegis Configurator is a PC / Windows based software tool that can configure compatible Aegis devices for quick and easy
deployment. The Configurator allows an Administrator to create and save unique profiles, manage profiles, and creates a log file to assist
the Admin or help desk when assisting users. The Configurator only works with devices in the Out-of-Box mode or after a full Reset. (FIPS
140-2 validation pending).

  • Aegis Configurator on USB key bundled with an approved 10-port USB hub (5 amp power supply). PC based software
    tool for configuring compatible Apricorn devices via 10-port USB hub. Please check Aegis device label or Apricorn’s
    website for compatibility with configurator
  • USB 3.0 adapter – USB type A female to USB type C male. 6″ total length.

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Aegis Configurator, USB 3.0 adapter